Trade Promotion Program Manager at Ministry Of Trade And Industry

By | January 21, 2020
ob Description
– Supporting the coordinator with the enhancement of trade cooperation with public and private sector stakeholders in a targeted and sustainable manner through the implementation of specific programs.
– Building in
– depth understanding of the trade environment and strategic enablers as well as bottlenecks for effective trade. Remaining up
– to
– date on the economic and socio
– political developments impacting trade in the region, as well as the strategic commodities and sectors which are critical from a trading perspective.
– Promoting regional and international trade through intra
– trade cooperation by facilitating trading opportunities as well as promoting export opportunities for Rwanda.
– Supporting the coordinator’s efforts to mobilize resources for the implementation of Trade Development programs and initiatives.
– Preparing progress reports in the bilateral and multilateral program and initiatives, as well as required program activities reports.
Job Profile
– Masters / Post Graduate Degree, with a specialization in International Trade, Finance, International Business, Economics with 3 years working Experience. Key technical skills and knowledge required:
– Proven knowledge and experience in economic analysis;
– Knowledge of small
– scale cross
– border trade;
– Proven ability to deliver on complex projects across a range of stakeholders;
– Knowledge in formulation of action plans and budgets;
– Able to work with multiple people of different background (traders, Government officials, civil society organizations…)
– Strong organisation and communications skills;
– Fluent in written and spoken English is essential, advanced French or/and Kinyarwanda would be highly desired;
– Ability to work effectively, take initiative and deliver results, even under pressure, and willing to visit sites in remote areas; and
– Excellent writing, editing and analytical skills and capability of working independently.

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