Trade Negociation and Cooperation Specialist at Ministry Of Trade And Industry

By | January 21, 2020

Job Description

– Formulate National strategic direction on international trade agreements;
– Advise on market opportunities at regional and international levels;
– Analyze and provide policy recommendations on Rwanda’s position/strategy in various trade negotiations;
– Disseminate information on Rwanda’s international trade position/priorities to stakeholders.
– Provide analysis, advice and policy recommendations on international trade negotiations and agreements, policies, strategic direction for enhancing market access and the competitiveness of the business community and engage in trade negotiations;
– Identify key domestic business operators and link them to potential foreign markets;
– Provide input and participate when appropriate in trade disputes and investigations regarding Rwanda’s international rights and obligations.
– Follow up bilateral cooperation agreements and develop a database of rights and obligations;
– Analyse regional initiatives and identify where Rwanda could gain more;
– Enhance the competitiveness of business community to penetrate regional and international markets.


Job Profile
A0 in Trade, Economics, Business Administration, Management with 3 years of working experience; Or Master or Equivalent in Trade, Economics, Business Administration, Management Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
– Analytical, problem
– solving and critical thinking skills.
– Technical understanding of system being analyzed and how it affects the various business units.
– Good at handling and meeting deadlines.
– Multi
– tasking skills and the ability to balance multiple priorities and keep up with project scope changes.
– Able to work well with both internal and external clients.
– Good presentation skills and ability to communicate with various audiences, including end users and managers.
– Self
– starter with leadership skills in order to take charge of or facilitate requirement
– gathering sessions.
– Strong attention to detail organizational skills.
– Quick learner who is easily able to learn new products, systems, applications and technologies.

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