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By | October 15, 2018

Application by: 9 Nov, 2018
Project status: Forecast
Project title: Protection and sustainable use of natural resources of National Parks:Serengeti National Park, Mahale Mountain National Park, Katavi National Park, Katavi Mahale Wildlife Corridor (Tanzania)
Country: Tanzania
Duty station: To be announced by ToR
Job code: AFR-TZA18KFW0331
Project description
Within the framework of German Financial Cooperation (FC), the Federal Government is currently examining the support of a nature conservation project in Tanzania. The objectives are the protection and sustainable use of the natural resources of the protected areas Serengeti National Park (NP), Mahale Mountains NP, Katavi NP, the Katavi-Mahale Wildlife Corridor and selected village use zones in the neighboring districts and improving the living conditions of the residents’ population.
The project consists of two components:
Component 1:- i.a. participatory land-use planning, income-generating measures and promotion of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM), construction of a bridge over the Mara River, development of the infrastructure in Fort Ikoma and investments in sustainable water infrastructure. Project region: Serengeti National Park (Bariadi districts, Tarime and Burda, limited support for the districts of Ngorongoro and Serengeti).
Component 2: i.a. participatory land-use planning, demarcation of the wildlife corridor, income-generating measures and promotion of CBNRM in the districts of Mpanda, Uvinza and Tanganyika, construction of climate-resilient socio-economic infrastructure as well as rehabilitation and new construction of park infrastructure and the improvement of park management. Project region: Mahale Mountains and Katavi National Parks (Uvinza,Tanganyika and Mpanda districts).
Job description
– The Chief Technical Advisor will be responsible for the overall coordination of the project implementation and the supervision and guidance of the Consultant’s team.
– The tasks of the CTA include but are not necessarily restricted to the following:
– Overall advice to the MNRT / TANAPA for the implementation of the Project and the coordination with other stakeholders;
– General management and oversight of the implementation of Project measures in accordance with the approved results matrix/logframe, time schedule, operational plans and work plans;
– Advise and assists the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism on key issues related to nature conservation management and integrated park management, such as policy formulation and implementation, development of respective procedures, guidelines, strategies;
– Supervise and coordinate the procurement of works, goods and consulting services according to agreed procedures; this shall also include the technical and contractual supervision of project sub-contractors and of construction work in coordination with the architect/engineers of the consultants team;
– Supervise and coordinate the financial management of the project, in particular with regard to the management of the disposition fund, including (cross-checking) assessment of disbursement claims;
– Monitoring of project implementation, including the financial monitoring of approved budgets, the progress monitoring of the implementation of the project activities as well as the monitoring of the performance and impact of the project based on the agreed indicators;
– Elaboration of regular reports on the implementation of the Project according to the agreed reporting structure and schedule; coordinate and supervise the elaboration and submission of inputs for the reports from the different team members.
i. Postgraduate university degree in natural resource management, rural development, protected area management, wildlife management or other fields of relevance to this project;
ii. Good understanding and proven track record in areas such as biodiversity conservation, protected area management, integrated rural development, natural resource management, community development with proven practical work experience in these fields at least 10 years;
iii. Proven work experience as team leader in long-term assignments, at least 8 years;
iv. Work experience preferably in African countries with similar socio-economic conditions;
v. Strong background in management and financial administration of development projects, including M&E of project implementation;
vi. Professional experience with donor-funded projects; specific knowledge of German Financial Cooperation (management procedures, reporting, etc.);
vii. Excellent oral and written communication skills and proficiency in the English language;
viii. Team player, who is capable of working under different and sometimes difficult conditions.
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Application by: 31 Dec, 2018
Project status: Forecast
Project title: AGRI-Connect Supporting Value Chains / Component on Improvement of Sector Enablers and Business Environment
Period of project: 2019 – 2023
Duration of assignment: approx. 4 years
Country: Tanzania
Duty station: Dar es Salaam and Dodoma
Job code: AFR-TZA18EU0101/1
Project description
The project will be part of the larger EU Tanzania cooperation under the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement and within the National Indicative Programme (NIP) 2014-2020 financed under the 11th EDF. It falls under one of three action areas within the program “Agri-Connect Supporting value chains for shared prosperity”, which aim to contribute to linking the agricultural sector to markets and to implementing Tanzania’s new national Agriculture Sector Development Program (ASDP II). Agri-Connect will focus on four areas of support:
i. improvement of sector enablers and business environment,
ii. support to the tea, coffee and horticulture value chains,
iii. improvement of selected rural roads;
iv. raising awareness of good nutrition practices.
v. The technical assistance services that will be tendered will support the implementation of the first component and will support the coordination of the overall programme.
vi. The project that will be tendered will focus on four result areas: (a) improved policy, legislative and regulatory framework, by researching, analysing and promoting policy reforms options; (b) increased trade promotion services by providing capacity building for increased competitiveness; (c) improved sector governance, coordination and dialogue mechanisms across institutions and other actors; (d) increased capacity of District Authorities to support local level agriculture development and nutritional outcomes.
Job description
The proposed Team Leader in improvement of sector enablers and the business environment will facilitate a smooth and timely implementation of the program including coordination of the overall program and the mobilization of ad hoc expertise for short term assignments if needed. He/she will initiate, facilitate and monitor the change processes supported under the four results areas. He/she will be responsible for reporting to the program management bodies and for the EUD. He/she will also be responsible for the support of staff working under his/her authority and for the quality and timeliness of their deliverables.
– At least a Master’s Degree (university or equivalent institution or a recognized professional qualification) in economics, public administration, political science, agriculture, rural development or a relevant, directly related discipline;
– At least 10 years and preferably 15 years of relevant professional experience working in management roles in developing countries in the fields of private sector development, including with framework conditions at national level or to improve improve policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks for private sector
– Preferably 10 years of professional experience in team management in charge of the design/implementation of large aid programme(s) but a minimum of 8 years required
– Proven experience with working with bilateral and/or multilateral development partners, previous experience working as a Team Leader of EU-funded projects and knowledge of and experience with EDF rules and procedures will be seen as an advantage.
– Several years of proven experience in designing and managing large Technical Advisory programmes focusing on rural development / agricultural value chains and private sector development
– 5 years proven experience with institutional and capacity development in the agricultural and/or private sector in East Africa and, preferably, in Tanzania;
– Proven experience with planning, budgeting and policy development in the public sector;
– Proven professional experience with developing policies, strategies, approaches, and tools for effective value chain development particularly with respect to trade promotion and improved business environment in donor-funded programs and projects;
– Fluency in both written and spoken English;
– Initiative, tact and proven ability to maintain harmonious working relationships in a multicultural setting with good leadership and team spirit;
– GFA Consulting Group GmbH has formed a consortium with COWI A/S Denmark.
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