Social Worker A0 at University Teaching Hospital

By | December 18, 2019

Job Description


1. To receive and orient patients in the hospital; 2. To identify psychosocial cases and work with them to find adequate solutions for their problems; 3. To fill forms those are a source of information on the psychosocial progress of the patient; 4. To serve as liaison between patients, healthcare providers and sponsors; 5. To organize and manage packages of support to enable patients to lead the fullest lives possible; 6. To educate patients and their close relatives on the management of the patients’ condition and its consequences; 7. To educate patients (individually or in groups) for behavior change; 8. To organize the social reintegration of abandoned and invalid patients; 9. To search for families, orphanages, foster homes for abandoned children and invalid patients; 10. To organize and coordinate the International Patients’ Day; 11. To organize recreational and practical activities for patients such as drawing, reading, knitting, etc; 12. To coordinate the activities of sponsors in wards; 13. To distribute identifying cards to people who are with patients “garde
– malade” to maintain their security and that of their belongings; 14. To mobilize funds for financially deprived patients; 15. To compose and pay for announcements for abandoned patients and bodies; 16. To coordinate the burial of abandoned bodies; 17. Submit monthly, quarterly and annually report to the supervisor 18. Perform other related duties as required


Job Profile
A0 in Social Work

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