Senior Data Base Administrator at Organization Ministry Of Finance And Economic Planning

By | August 17, 2020

Job Senior Data Base Administrator


Level 3.III

Reports To Head of Financial Sector Dvpt Department

No. of Positions 1

Deadline 21/Aug/2020

Job Description

• Assisting in database design by mapping out the conceptual design for a planned database

• Updating and amending existing databases

• Setting up and testing new database and data handling systems

• Monitoring database efficiency (performance and parameters) in order to provide fast responses to front- end users

• Refine the logical design so that it can be translated into a specific data model

• Advise and participate in the ongoing corporate initiative for data/information management (data collection, data cleaning and data migration) of existing U- SACCO transactional data and any other finance related data.

• Sustaining the security and integrity of data

• Creating efficient query definitions that allow data to be extracted

• Establish the needs of users and monitoring user access and security (Control access permissions and privileges)

• Consider both back- end organization of data and front- end accessibility for end- users

• Further refining the physical design to meet system storage requirements

• Maintain data standards, including adherence to the Data Protection Act

• Write database documentation, including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary (metadata)

• Develop, manage and test back- up and recovery plans

• Ensure that storage and archiving procedures are functioning correctly

• Carry out database capacity planning

• Communicate regularly with technical, network, applications and operational teams to ensure database integrity and security

• Manage the security and disaster recovery aspects of a database.

Job Profile

• Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Information management, Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering with 8 years of supervisory experience in a fast- paced operational environment.

• Understanding of structured query language (PostgreSQL)

• Certification in Oracle Certified Professional is a plus

• Knowledge of relational database management systems’ (RDBMS), ‘object- oriented database management systems’ (OODBMS) and XML database management systems

• Experience with database software/web applications

• The ability to work quickly, under pressure and to deadlines

• Up- to- date knowledge of technology and the Data Protection Act

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Strong analytical and organizational skills

• Eye for detail and accuracy

• Fluent in Kinyarwanda and English or French, the fluency in both English and French being an added advantage

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