Psychosocial Assistant (APS) at Pro-femmes / Twese Hamwe (Pfth)

By | June 30, 2020


I. Job information

Employer: Pro-Femmes / Twese Hamwe (PFTH) located in the Gahanga Sector, Kicukiro District, Kigali-Rwanda

 Position title: Psychosocial Assistant (APS)

Duty station: Kirehe / Mahama

Duration of the contract: One year renewable with (3) months as a trial period,

Immediate supervisor: EDUFAM Project Manager

II. Presentation of the Pro-Femmes / Twese Hamwe

Pro-Femmes / Twese Hamwe (PFTH) is a national collective of 53 civil society organizations working for the Promotion of Women, Peace and Development in Rwanda. It is a framework for solidarity and consultation between organizations working to improve the position of women in society and a service center, a thematic framework and a place of strategic influence.

The mission of the Pro-Femmes / Twese Hamwe collective is to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women in order to promote the socio-economic, political and legal status of women and to strengthen the institutional and organizational capacities of the collective and its member organizations. through the promotion of sustainable human development based on gender equality, peace, justice and human rights.

III. Context of the project.

 The “Girls’ education for a better future (ÉDUFAM)” project is a project funded by Global Affairs Canada (AMC) and implemented by the Paul Gérin-Lajoie Foundation (FPGL) and the Center for International Studies and Cooperation ( CECI), Canadian NGOs, and their partners in Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Lasting 4 years (2020-2023), the ÉDUFAM project aims to empower girls and women who are displaced, refugees, returnees and disabled in the Great Lakes region.

The project targets three main issues related to the education of vulnerable girls in the region, namely (1) obstacles to access to primary, secondary education and vocational training for girls, (2) the quality and adaptation of educational services focused on gender equality and the specific needs of girls, and (3) the leadership of girls and women in decision-making and the promotion of their right to education.

At the regional level, the CECI-FPGL consortium works in partnership with COCAFEM / GL and through its 3 local or national members, CAFOB in Burundi, Pro Femmes in Rwanda and COFAS in DRC, in the implementation of components 1120, 1220 , 1310 and 1320 in connection with community and female mobilization aimed at reducing obstacles to the education of women and girls.

As part of the project, Pro-Femmes / Twese Hamwe works on promoting gender equality and improving education for girls in the Kirehe District of the Eastern Province. Project interventions are carried out in the Mahama refugee camp and in the camp surrounding community in the Mahama sector.

IV. Description of tasks.

 Under the direct supervision of the EDUFAM project manager, the psychosocial assistant will be responsible for:

  • Main functions of the  Psychosocial Assistant. (APS)
  • Ensure the organization and implementation of project activities in the beneficiary communities and educational establishments in accordance with the work plan agreed with the project manager,
  • Provide psychosocial support to victims of gender-based violence.

Specific tasks of the Psychosocial Assistant. (APS)

  • Welcome and listen to the victims of GBV;
  • Provide individual and group counseling to victims of GBV and other violence when necessary;
  • Refer cases of violence outside their jurisdiction to other workers taking into account the needs of the victim;
  • Refer the victim (s), if necessary, to the care services sought;
  • Make the link with the focal points in the schools targeted by the project and the community change agents;
  • Support women’s and men’s groups in the implementation of their action plans;
  • Monitor community networks for alert and protection against SGBV
  • Monitor the implementation of activities aimed at gender equality and protection against GBV in the schools targeted by the project;
  • Monitor the implementation of girls’ club activities aimed at deconstructing gender stereotypes,
  • Engage directly with the beneficiaries of the project, in particular girls, displaced, refugee, returnee and disabled women and raise their awareness of their access to and maintenance of education,
  • Organize community meetings and other direct community activities as part of monitoring project beneficiaries,
  • Carry out awareness-raising and awareness-raising activities for the parents of victims for the successful reintegration of young girls and adolescents who have dropped out of school,
  • Initiate activities aimed at empowering girls who have dropped out of school;
  • Initiate activities aimed at empowering and fostering the leadership of adolescent adolescent girls,
  • Contribute to the identification of local GBV prevention relays and protection of victims in the camp and surrounding community,
  • Participate in all training and information activities planned as part of the project,
  • Represent Pro-Femmes / TH in meetings organized by other local partners,
  • Participate in monitoring and evaluation of project activities;
  • Produce monthly reports of the activities listed in its specifications in accordance with the established formats.

V. Profile required 

  • Level of education :

Have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Law or Community Development.

  • Experiences:

The candidate for the position must have:

  • At least 3 years of experience in the field of psychosocial care;
  • Have relevant experience in the area of ​​gender and education;
  • Have experience in community animation;
  • Having worked with refugees, displaced, returned or disabled people is an asset.

Professional skills:

  • Have excellent communication, ability to communicate in written and spoken French
  • Good writing skills and good analytical and synthesis skills
  • Teamwork: excellent ability to work in a team with people of different profiles,
  • Great motivation and commitment to work with traumatized people,
  • Have autonomy, good ability to work with little supervision and ability to initiate actions and decision-making adapted to the situations encountered in the field.


  • Excellent command of the national language (oral and written)
  • Good command of French both oral and written
  • A mastery of kirundi
  • Computer skills
  • Mastery of Word, Excel and internet software

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