Pharmacist in Charge of CPDS Coordination at Ministry Of Health

By | December 19, 2019

Job Description

? Act as focal contact person for any matter related to the CPDS within the MoH, and participate in any relevant meetings related to strategic planning and implementation of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Maternal and Child health and other programs interventions;
? Coordinate and share information with the MoH, IHDPC/RBC, NRL/RBC, MPPD and partners on all matters related to supply chain management for HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Reproductive health and other programs;
? Organize the meetings of the Resource Management Committee when required by the Permanent Secretary;
? Create and maintain an electronic and hard print archive to document all information related to the CPDS, including reports, minutes from meetings, communications, and any other relevant documents;
? Gather monthly, quarterly and semi
– annual reports produced by the Technical Committees and transmit them to the Resource Management Committee;
? Maintain effective communications with the technical leaders of the committees to ensure coordination between them. The coordination should include the development of agreed annual work plans and monitoring the implementation of the activities;
? Act as focal person in the MoH for follow up of problems related to supply chain management and effectively update relevant authorities for decision
– making;
? Coordinate the integrated quantification, supply planning review and stock monitoring;
? Participate in technical meetings related to quantification, procurement, and distribution;
? Develop quarterly reports with indicators to be used to follow up the technical performance of the system, and report this information to the Permanent Secretary and the members of the Resource Management Committee

Job Profile

Master degree in Pharmacy, supply chain management, Health Sciences. or Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy experience of 3 years in pharmacy services

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