Managing Director at Iranzi Clinic

By | December 13, 2019

Managing Director

Iranzi Clinic, a faith-based health facility fully owned by Christian Life Assembly- Nyarutarama (CLA) is looking to hire new key positions. We are looking to hire committed, hardworking individuals who feel called to use their skills and knowledge to make a difference in their community and nation.

Iranzi clinic’s heart is patient-centered and wholistic health care services. We value excellence in health care delivery, we strive for consistency in quality of health care service delivery and advocate for equitable health care for all irrespective of socio-economic background.

Iranzi clinic is a growing health facility which aspires to embrace family-centered health care services in order to attain is mission. We aspire to always be problem solvers and community builders.

Our mission is to reach out to the whole man with the love of Christ through Quality, equitable and wholistic health care services.

We are looking for an individual who is passionate about quality and equitable health care and community-based health.

Iranzi Clinic is hiring a Managing Director

The candidate needs to be:

  • Self-motivated
  • Initiator
  • Willing to learn and grow
  • Demonstrates servant leadership traits
  • Born again, firmly planted in a church
  • A visionary and an implementer

The responsibilities of the Managing Director:

  • Provide vision, leadership, and direction to ensure the strategic, programmatic, technical, and financial integrity of Iranzi Clinic
  • Develop or revise as needed the Iranzi Business strategy
  • Develop or maintain relationships with shareholder, partners, donors, and beneficiaries
  • Provide oversight of clinic activities, ensuring that the services are technically sound, follow national and clinical guidelines standards and are responsive to the needs of clients
  • Lead intensive resource mobilization strategies to ensure the sustainability of Iranzi Clinic
  • Mentor, support, supervise and manage a team of highly qualified staff and align their efforts to ensure cutting edge and high-quality holistic care to our clients
  • Report to the Board
  • Sits on the as Board secretary

Other responsibilities Admin support:

Work closely with the admin team to make sure the following are well organized and implemented:

  • Prepare and share memos, announcements and special communications
  • Collaborate with department heads to plan and communicate trainings and continued education sessions
  • Participate in Monday morning Administrative meetings.
  • Prepare monthly operations report
  • Establish a plan to review policies and protocols regularly with staff
  • Ensure Proper running of day-to-day activities of the clinic with the support of front desk staff.


  • Bachelor of Science in Medicine
  • Masters or advanced degree in health administration/management is a plus
  • Have 2-3 yrs experience in Health Facility or hod management.
  • Have experience in managing diverse teams of people
  • Knowledge of HR and Finance
  • Knowledge of Labor Law
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

We would like for all our staff to embody our organizational values:

  • Compassionate service to all
  • Respect for patient rights and dignity
  • Provision of services in an ethical manner
  • Community participation
  • Continued health care services
  • Efficiency and sensitivity in addressing individual needs

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