Irrigation Engineer at Gabiro Agribusiness Hub (GAH) Ltd

By | December 12, 2019


    1. Company Background

Gabiro Agribusiness Hub (GAH) Ltd Company is a fruit of a joint venture shaped between the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, majority shareholder with Netafim Ltd), an Israeli company that offers global leadership in the agricultural manufacturing industry. Both parties signed a Joint Venture-JV and Engineering Procurement and Construction-EPC agreements to initiate Gabiro commercial oriented irrigation Project Phase I (5600/16000 Ha). The project shall be implemented at Karangazi sector, in Nyagatare district. Phase II of the project shall follow upon the success of Phase I.


The project consists of setting up water infrastructures mainly a lined water canal for bulk water supply from Akagera river to multiple block units of arable land, main sedimentation tank of 120,000m3, construction of internal access and site connection roads, set up demonstration farms for both agriculture and dairy farming, set up community engagement platforms, community resettlement for the families living in command areas and construction of new electric power line. 30% of the total project area shall be allocated to the community use for both intensive livestock and agricultural production, while 70% shall be reserved for private agricultural investments. The project was analyzed to be both financially viable and technically feasible with positive economic outcomes.


In order to achieve its mission and objectives, GAH Ltd is seeking to recruit qualified, experienced and talented staff to fill the following vacant posts:


    1. Vacant positions

Job Title

Job requirements


Main responsibilities

Irrigation Engineer


Hold Master’s degree in Land and Water Development, Hydraulic Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Irrigation and drainage with 4 years of working experience or A0 in Agriculture Engineering, Soil and Water Resources Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage, Soil and Environment management, or Water management with 7 years of working experience.

Having hands-on experience with pressurized irrigation systems is an added value.

Key technical skills and knowledge:

    • Proven skills in research design and implementation in irrigation water systems
    • Ability to Review and assess the quality of available soil maps, hydraulics, topographic and cadastral data for designing, identify additional data and information required for designs and drawings.
    • Deep understanding of field-water management systems including drip, center pivot, sprinkler, etc.
    • Computer and data analysis skills,
    • Excellent communication skills both oral and in writing.


    • Plan, design, and oversee construction of Gabiro irrigation project for conveying and distributing water to agricultural lands:
    • Plan and design irrigation fixtures and installation as per requirements and specifications.
    • Oversee and recommend the construction of irrigation systems as planned: dams/reservoirs, canals, and pressurized irrigation systems, irrigation hoses, and irrigation control devices, according to the type of soil, climatic characteristics, water supply, return flow, and other factors affecting irrigation requirements.
    • Conducts research on problems of soil drainage and conservation,
    • Approve the materials and equipment brought by the project contractor;
    • Monitor that the project complies with environmental safety and guidelines,
    • Review and approve the construction of irrigation infrastructures and schedule done by the contractor;
    • Supervise and monitor the contractors’ activity to ensure satisfactorily standards, quality assurance, control of workmen ship and progress;
    • Prepare and implement any minor adjustment required to the irrigations infrastructures drawings and plans;
    • Check monthly measurement of work and certify respective payment;
    • Report progress, trends that are likely outcome of contracts and other information required to their coordination level.
    • Ensure proper water distribution in the irrigation networks,
    • Ensure proper working of irrigation infrastructures,
    • Ensure proper operation and maintenance of the irrigation system,
    • Ensure Proper water application to the crop in the irrigation scheme,
    • To ensure that Quality Assurance, Quality Control are planned and followed for the Irrigation infrastructure works, work schedule, compliance with the social and environmental safeguards

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