Great Resumes: First Step to Landing Dream Jobs

By | January 19, 2020

Are Job Resumes that Important in Securing the Perfect Job?

The function of great resumes is to get the attention of hiring managers or recruiters. More than just a listing of your education, accomplishments,experience and skills; The first point of contact you have with an organization you seeking employment from is the job resume. If your resume is not well presented, no matter what skills you bring to the table, you may find it hard to find work. But if you don’t have a lot of experience, a well written resume that presents the ambitions and talents you do have can get you a job with unlimited potential for growth. Before you begin searching for a new job. You should make sure your resume is well written and shows the skills you have to offer. A number of employers will not even offer an interview to potential employees with poorly written job resumes.

Types of Job Resumes

Job resumes may be structured in a number of ways to focus on your good qualities, while minimizing  your limitations. Employers nowadays are searching for innovative employees that will bring value to their company. Submitting a unique resume is one way to express your individual ambition and abilities. The various types of job resumes include:

1. Reverse Chronological Resumes

The focus of these job resumes is on your employment history. They begin by listing your previous employment beginning with your latest position. These chronological resumes are best suited for people who have great employment experience and background. These types of resumes detail your growth as an employee. Additional skills and educational information are mostly noted at the bottom of these job resumes.

2. Functional Resumes

The functional resume focuses less on highlights and experience, the focus is instead on the skills that you have to offer. Functional resumes normally list your superior qualifications at the top of the page, while showing some details of how the skills were obtained—including work experience and school—towards the latter half of the page. This type that is skill-based is best suited for those workers that are new to the job market, or have not been in employment for quite some time.

3. Combination Resumes

Like the name says a combination resume takes the focus on skills from the Functional resume and combines it with the employment history, for a full package of your qualifications. This type gives the most well rounded details and can be used by anyone to successfully get a job.

Getting Professional Help

If you’re not sure which resume type is right for your qualifications, or if you just interested in the best possible resume, you might want to get the help of a professional resume writer. For a fee of-course, professional writers will come up with top quality job resumes that will be used to market your skills. A resume writing service will show your qualifications and personal employment history in a unique manner. Your resume will definitely stand out to potential employers. It’s really such a good investment to make if you want to land yourself that great job.

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