Fun club: The Young Masai Project

By | October 19, 2018

Fun club The Young Masai Project
Project Overview:
Young Maasai is a newly implemented project targeting young people in the Maasai communities in Arusha, Tanzania. It aims at conveying knowledge through sessions and workshops to help a young Maasai understand their potentials and the career path towards achieving their careers goals.
Helping young Maasais create their careers on the basis of their potentials is the goal. Now, we all know that the Maasai community have a strict role assigning system with in their societies. This project however is in no conflict with this Maasai long tradition but, rather supports it by helping the leaders understand better the potentials their people carry and help them explore and utilize them to make their communities even better.
Upon arrival there is a crash course that lasts for four days. This will help to prepare you as a young volunteer volunteering in this project to better understand the Maasai community do’s and don’ts, prepare sessions for talent discovery, self-awareness and availble careers opportunities. A layout and project timeframe is as well made at this time.
Activities: Cultural Exchange
Facilitate sessions: Deliver sessions that help to raise self-awarenes on one’s potentials.
Learn cooking: Become part of the Maasai community by learning how to cook their food.
Photographing: Take photos (professional photos) to brand the Maasai culture in social Media, journals/magazines and websites
Spend time in a boma: Part of this project is cultural exchange live for at least two days in a Maasai Boma to experience their life.
Social activities: You will recieve invitations to participate in social gatherings this includes weddings or boys circumsition ceremonies.
This project can be conducted anytime of the year. All volunteers are required to provide dates they are willing to participate in the project in the application form.
The project shall pursue for a month and a half ideally
What is Included?
Accommodation: You will be staying in a fully furnished mordern house located 45mins from where the project is.
Buddy: You will be given a local friend/person to assist you and answer all your questions
Bills: Your water and elecricity bills will all be paid for.
Airport pickup: Upon arrival we will pick you up from the airport

Apply via this link
For more information, please email