Executive Secretary of the Cell Munyarwanda x2 at Rulindo District

By | December 18, 2019

Job Description

– Perform daily duties of the Cell administration and monitor the administration of Villages and produce reports thereof;

– Follow up, in collaboration with relevant organs, on the security of people and their property in the Cell;

– Coordinate community development and citizen participation activities, mobilize the local population on government policies and programs and implement decisions by higher authorities and or the Cell Consultative Council;

– Render services provided at the cell level as per the law, and receive and solve or channel issues affecting citizens and provide them with a feedback;

– Serve as a minutes taker to the Cell Consultative Committee meetings, monitor all activities of Land Committees, and serve as a nonprofessional bailiff at the Cell level;

– Supervise the collection and consolidation of data on specific public (policy) issues at Cell level, and manage the finances and assets of the Cell.

Job Profile

A2 in Social Sciences, Arts and Sciences with 3 years of working experience.
Key Technical Skills and Knowledge Required:

– Leadership skills

– Extensive knowledge and understanding of the Central and Local Government Functionality;

– Good knowledge of government policy
– making processes;

– Analytical, problem
– solving and critical thinking skills.

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