Executive Director at Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village

By | January 23, 2020

Mission Statement of Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village:
Through healing, education, and love, the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village empowers orphaned and
vulnerable Rwandan youth to build lives of dignity and contribute to a better world.
Core Values: Our core values inspire all of our work, focusing our staff on the best interests of the child
and helping our students to create a community dedicated to building empowered and self-reliant lives.
They are:
Commitment: Embrace the mission and go the extra-mile
Respect: Be considerate and mindful of others and the environment
Role model: Live and lead by example in a positive way
Interest of Child: Base every decision on how it impacts the child
Support: Help and encourage one another
Integrity: Always be honest with yourself and others and act accordingly
Learning Community: Seek and maximize opportunity for growth and development
The COO is responsible for strategic planning for the future and must take initiatives to support the
ASYV vison and mission. Responsibilities include day to day administration and operations as well as
securing the functionality of the ASYV model to heal a traumatized society through caring for its
children. Indeed, the COO oversees the ongoing operations and procedures, manages the organization’s
financial operations, and executes ASYV goals according to its strategic plan. In addition to having
responsibility for managing department heads, the COO shall ensure proper communication with
employees about the organization’s operational strategies, build employee alignment with ASYV goals,
and oversees resource development.
1. Planning (15% weight)
➢ Participate in long-term strategic planning initiatives.
➢ Develop the operating strategies to attain identified goals and objectives
➢ Provide detailed information to concerned members regarding the performance capabilities
of each department
➢ Determines the specific resources needed to carry out the ASYV strategic plan
➢ Determine which projects the organization can pursue based on approved budget and goals
➢ Measure and report on operational performance and develop plans to improve relevant key
performance indicator
2. Operations (20% weight)
➢ Ensure establishment and implementation of policies that promote company culture and
➢ Oversee daily operations of ASYV and the work of Department Heads including; IT, HR,
Finance, Operations & Procurement, etc.
➢ Integrate and strengthen best practices and processes for the Village’s daily operations.
➢ Ensure documentation and integration of information systems that enable the efficient and
professional sharing of information between relevant parties.


➢ Optimize inefficient areas in the organization and coordinate with department heads
3. Monitoring (15% weight)
➢ Work with individual department heads (IT, HR, Finance, Operations & Procurement) to
monitor their work, ensure each function stays on track to meet its goals.
➢ Put in place a dashboard with key metrics for every department and ensure regular follow
➢ Put in place and do a regular update of an operations monitoring system
4. Financial Responsibilities 30% weight)
➢ Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the budgetary and fiscal administration.
➢ Review and follow up on departmental budgets and expenses
➢ Analyse and present financial reports
➢ Lead the annual budgeting and planning process in conjunction with the Director of Finance
➢ Administer and review all financial plans and budgets; monitor progress and changes; and
keep senior leadership team abreast of the organization’s financial status
➢ Produce financial reports for foundation and other funder grants; maintain shared grant
reporting calendar due dates and submissions, including all required financial deliverables
as stated per grant awards and contracts
➢ Remain up-to-date on best practices in non-profit finance, internal control measures, and
laws regarding non-profit operations
➢ Coordinate and lead the annual audit process
➢ Ensure cost effectiveness and efficiency in all main operations.
➢ Oversee the payment process:
o Verify and analyse budget & monthly reports that compare budgeted costs to actual
o Approval of requisition within the limit of the standard set by Finance Policy &

5. People Management (15% weight)
➢ Responsible for ensuring the organization meets it staffing needs
and understands the organization’s personnel capabilities
➢ Responsible for the efficiency of the supporting Departments Heads
➢ Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth. Lead employees to encourage
maximum performance and evaluate performance by analysing and interpreting data and
➢ Empower subordinates with the leadership and resources they need to successfully
complete operations initiatives
6. Other (5% weight)
➢ Participate and/or ensure proper follow-up in expansion activities (construction,
renovations, maintenance, etc.)
➢ Collaborate closely with the Executive Director and produce reports on ASYV operations
➢ Manage relationships with partners/suppliers
➢ Ensure registration of ASYV and its renew in due time
➢ Attend and participate in Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) meetings
➢ Perform other professional activities as requested by the executive director as and when

Skills, Qualifications and Experience


● Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics or its equivalent
● At least 6 years’ experience including at least 3 years successful senior leadership experience
with relevant budget management as a key component of the role.
● Background of success in process improvement, change leadership and change management
● Leadership experience and a track record of ensuring organizational goals are met from an
operational and cultural standpoint.
● Ability to approach situations from a creative point of view; have an outstanding creative
thinking ability
● Aptitude in decision-making, problem-solving and commitment to results; “can-do” mindset
with emphasis on accountability
● Excellent staff leadership skills and experience.
● Ability to inspire employees to live up to their potential and optimize their productivity
● Excellent communication, presentation and public speaking skills
● Ability to express him/herself fluently in English and Kinyarwanda.
● Integrity and impeccable work ethic
● Strong understanding of the operational requirements and familiarity with the operational
procedures at all level of the organization (HR, Finance, Procurement, etc.)
● Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and business development
● Strong analytical and data-driven mindset that translates into leadership skills
● Working knowledge of performance/operation metrics and MS office
● Experience in fundraising is a plus
● FIT with ASYV

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