Dish / Pot Washing at RwandAir Catering Ltd

By | December 17, 2019


RwandAir Catering Ltd is a fast-growing in-flight catering company in Rwanda and started its operations from August 2014 and has been providing catering services to scheduled airlines, private jet, and charters for five years now. RwandAir Catering ltd aims to be one of the biggest aviation catering companies in Africa in a few years to come.

As part of this strategy we are looking for interested qualified and enthusiastic candidates to fill the position mentioned below:

Job title: Dish / Pot Washing (4 positions)

Department: Quality Assurance

Reports to: Quality Assurance Manager

 Function: Get in charge of dirty material washing and putting it in the stocking shelves. Deliver material to the department and control in and out material flow.

 Major responsibilities.

  1. Get in charge of dirty material
  2. Share hand-wash material from automatic-wash material
  3. Waste rejected material
  4. Execute hand-wash operation with water, detergent, and brush
  5. Handle the automatic-wash operation putting material into the dish-washing machine in the most suitable way and taking it out at the end of the washing cycle
  6. Check the cleaning of material
  7. Select the washed material and put it in the stocking shelves or deliver it to the departments
  8. Select and mark the damaged material
  9. Observe the material flow (in and out)
  10. Provide for missing items according to the client’s requests
  11. Keep clean the workplace and the facilities
  12. Observe quality requirements
  13. Observe ramp safety and security requirements.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

  • Shift hours availability
  • Knowledge of the operative flow and rules
  • Teamwork attitude
  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Practical and manual skill.

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