Data Migration Specialist x5 at Organization Ministry Of Finance And Economic Planning

By | August 17, 2020

Job Data Migration Specialist


Level 3.III

Reports To Head of Financial Sector Dvpt Department

No. of Positions 5

Deadline 21/Aug/2020

Job Description

• Meet with clients or management to understand data migration requirements and needs

• Write custom scripts to help clean and validate data during the migration

• Strategize and plan the processes, including moving the data and converting content as necessary, while considering risks and potential impacts

• Cleanse or translate data so that it can be effectively moved between systems, apps, or software

• Oversee and perform the direct migration of data, which may require adjustments

• Analysing the method of transforming existing data into a format for the new environment and the loading of U- SACCO data into other database structures.

• Reviewing existing migration tools and providing recommendations for improving performance of the migration process.

• Test the system after the migration process as well as the resulting data to find errors and/or points of corruption

• Document everything from the strategies used to the exact migration processes put in place—including documenting any fixes or adjustments made

• Develop and propose data migration best practices for current and future modules of the U- SACCO core banking system

• Audit existing data systems and deployments and identify errors or areas for improvement

Job Profile

• BSc/BA in Information management, Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering with 3 years of relevant working experience Or a Master’s degree in the aforementioned fields with 1 year of relevant working experience

• A thorough understanding of database systems (Postgress, MongoDB, etc) and software

• Strong attention to detail in order to evaluate data for accuracy and errors

• The ability to problem- solve under pressure and in complex situations

• A methodical and logical approach to planning and organization

• The ability to clearly communicate with team members

• Excellent time management skills and a goal- oriented personality

• A strong understanding of financial data protection and data governance

• A willingness to work long hours, often beyond what some would consider “standard”

• Fluent in Kinyarwanda and English or French, the fluency in both English and French being an added advantage

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