Community Development Animators (CDAs) at Initiative pour la participation Citoyenne

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IPC, “Initiative pour la participation Citoyenne” is a local non-governmental organization composed of 5 local civil society organisations namely SDA-IRIBA; IPFG; EAR Kigeme Diocese; UNICOOPAGI and CDJP Gikongoro. It considers itself as a bridging entity between citizens and local government. It aims at promoting socio-economic development and strengthening citizen participation in planning and monitoring processes of local governments. It is based in Gasaka Sector Nyamagabe District, Southern province of Rwanda, and operates in Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru, and Nyamasheke.


A society where people effectively participate in the sustainable development of their communities, their country, and consider the results achieved as their own heritage.


Promote citizen participation through a framework of exchange, consultation, and joint actions to improve the living conditions of the target populations.

Purpose of recruitment

Recently IPC secured funding from European Union to support the implementation of the project entitled” Improve adaptation and mitigation capacities for target communities against COVID-19 effect in Rwanda.” In Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru, and Nyamasheke Districts of Rwanda.

The overall objective of this project is to improve adaptation and mitigation capacities for targeted communities against covid-19 effects in Rwanda.

Specific objectives are:

 (1) To improve the income-generating activities for 1,300 peoples in Nyaruguru, Nyamagabe and Nyamasheke districts within 4 months;

(2) To contribute to food access particularly people having visual impairment across 25 RUB branches in the country;

(3) To improve awareness about People with disabilities’ rights, especially those PWVI among Rwandan Community within 4 months;

(4) To improve access, analysis, management, and use of accurate information by the targeted journalists within 4 months.

Note that IPC will implement only the first specific objective and the two remaining ones will be implemented by other co-partners (RUB& EYE.

 Community development animators (CDAs)

  1. Number of CDAs needed: 10 CDAs to be recruited (4CDAs in Nyamagabe; 3CDAs in Nyamasheke and 3CDAs in Nyaruguru Districts).

    Roles and responsibilities

  • Monitor and coach regularly the recovery support groups’ works;
  • Elaborate and provide a monthly report to IPC on the recovery support groups’ work;

Required qualifications

  • Must be Rwandan by nationality ;
  • A2 in any field;
  • Familiar with Microsoft office (at least word, excel) ;
  • Having knowledge regarding support recovery groups (amatsinda yo kubitsa no kugurizanya);
  • Familiar to work with local government authorities.

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