Capacity Building Specialist ( Under Contract) at Rwanda Education Board

By | August 31, 2020

Job Description

•Plan and supervise ICT related human and institutional capacity development within the CADIE project;
•Plan and support training related to the use of ICT in education for in
– service preprimary, primary and secondary school teachers;
•Liaise with ICT training providers and private sector for better coordination of ICT related training within the training education sector;
.Plan and supervise training on ICT facility management and maintenance and use of ICT in schools;
•Develop and manage the training information system for follow up and coordination;
•Develop training guidelines;
•Supervise human resource (trainers) recruitment, administration and management;
•Supervise program design and development of training manuals, course design and assessment strategies;
•Identify and recommend process improvement opportunities;
•Plan, schedule, track and manage overall activity execution.

Job Profile

•minimum of 5 years experience in ICT capacity development area;
•Proven experience in best practices in project management to comply with capacity Preferably masters degree in ICT or its equivalent or Bachelor degree in ICT with a building and training standards ;
•Proven experience in applying digital technologies / solutions, developing scoping documents and developing plans and digital strategy approaches;

Key technical skills & knowledge required:

•Knowledge of Rwanda’s ICT Policies and Strategies as well as National ICT Policy and the ICT in Education Policy;
•Deep understanding of information technology and telecommunications;
•Maintain good relationship with the stakeholders while successfully managing the schedule and scope of the activities
•Capacity to research and analyse technology problems, issues, and program requirements;
•Knowledge of computer hardware/software technologies;
•Knowledge of Web application and content management;
•Experience with an agile implementation model and will have demonstrated its effective use on past projects;
•Experience in working with distributed teams of professionals;
•High level of integrity;
•Skills required: coordination and communication skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills;
•Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English or French; knowledge of all these three (3) languages is an advantage.

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