Accountant at Health Sector Staff Mutual Aid Group

By | January 20, 2020

Contract Type: Full time

Application deadlineJanuary 24th 2020


Rwanda’s Health Sector has grown rapidly over the past 25 years. Being a services sector, one of its core assets is skilled and devoted personnel. To enhance staff motivation, retention, the Ministry of Health (MoH) together with various stakeholders in the Health Sector championed the establishment of a savings and credit scheme, called Health Sector Staff Mutual Aid Group (HSS-MAG) where staff can accumulate savings and access affordable loans. Additionally, it aims to stimulate a saving culture and promote social cohesion among Health Sector staff.



The HSS-MAG accountant is responsible for all accounting operations from the collection of accounting data, recording, keeping the supporting documents and preparation of financial statements.


    • The HSS-MAG accountant will:
    • Support HSS-MAG Manager to provide accurate and timely records of all the financial transactions of HSS-MAG.
    • To structure the accounting department, determine the resource requirement and recommend any changes that are deemed necessary in order to improve the efficiency of the accounting department;
    • To ensure that all taxes and statutory deductions are paid on time,
    • Prepare all payments and submit to authorized persons for approval with supporting documents,
    • Responsible of petty Cash Management;
    • To take on the responsibility of the monthly, financial reporting in accordance with HSS-MAG reporting package
    • To ensure that the savings and loans ageing lists are issued in a timely manner in accordance with the HSS – MAG Procedures;
    • To ensure that all reconciliations are prepared on a monthly basis, including but not limited to bank reconciliations, savings and loans reconciliations, tax reconciliations where applicable (e.g. VAT, PAYE, withholding taxes and any others that may be pertinent to Rwanda), statutory deductions reconciliations (RSSB), etc.
    • To ensure that the cash flow forecasts are prepared and issued in a timely manner in accordance with the HSS-MAG policies;
    • To take charge of the treasury management to include managing the cash flow, liaising with the company’s bankers,
    • Ensure the respect of the internal control procedures related to financial operations and funds disbursements;
    • Keeping all cash management document (Check Book, Receipt Book, Payment Order, LPO,)
    • Ensure that the accounting books are adequately filled including the deposit journal, credit journal, incomes and expenditure journal, bank journal, and the main ledger;
    • Keep chronologically in safe place all supporting documents to justify the operations done;
    • Ensure the control of all cash in and out of HSS-MAG and oversees cash operations before they are counterchecked by the Manager,
    • Report to the Manager on a monthly basis on the performance of accounting operations and the financial statements of HSS-MAG,
    • He/She is responsible and liable of all accounting malpractices of HSS/MAG, including loss and poor handling of supporting documents, lack or inadequate filing of accounting books, inaccuracy in financial reports, noncompliance with procedures in cash utilization (payments, transfers, money safe mismanagement, etc.),
    • Participate in the preparation of HSS-MAG annual plan and budget; Manage budget to ensure that budget line items are expended as per approved budget; Prepare the budget execution report;
    • In coordination with the person responsible of credit and risk management, ensure timely disbursement of funds to members and regularly update management on loans and repayments status


    • Must be of Rwandan nationality
    • Fluent in English and Kinyarwanda; French is an asset
    • Must hold a Bachelor’s degree (A0) in Accounting or in Finance with 3-year experience in a savings and credit institution. Holding a CPA or ACCA is an added advantage;
    • High Analytical skills;
    • Report writing and presentation skills.
    • Time management skills;
    • Excellent problem-solving skills and clear logical thinking;
    • Proven working experience in the microfinance field
    • Thorough knowledge of accounting principles and procedures
    • Good mastery of accounting software, plus other common computer skills ((MS Word), spreadsheet (MS Excel)
    • Able and willing to learn to extend his/her scope of work
    • Honest and trustworthy.
  • Strong attention to detail and confidentiality.

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